Want More Brand Share … Think Hispanic

Marketers Willing to Spend Time and Money Engaging Hispanics Will Grow Their Brands   

Insight  ⇒ Fastest Growing Demographic in the U.S. in the Short Term

hisp fast growing demo millenial

Source: Univision

Insight  ⇒ Fastest Growing Demographic in the U.S. in the Long Term

hisp long term growth

Source: Univision

Insight  ⇒ Fastest Growing Spendable Income

hisp spending growth

Source: Univision

Insight  ⇒ They Are a Savvy Technological Cohort

Hispanics, especially Millennials,  are heavily into technology and are early adopters for many products.

What Mobile Ad Network or Demand Mediation Platform is best at monetizing feature phone traffic? - Q

Source: Univision

Insight  ⇒ Reach Them in Mobile … The Hub of Their Lives

hisp cell as hub

Source: Univision

Insight  ⇒ Reach Them in Social  … They Share More Than Any Other Group

hisp social chart

Source: Univision

Do This  ⇒ Engage Hispanics Now for Short & Long Term Growth Opportunities

  • Social and Mobile are effective, efficient ways to begin a dialogue
  • Focus on Hispanic Audiences to grow share as many are early adopters
  • Respect the culture and they will respect your brand

Not That   Don’t Treat Hispanics as Part of Your Normal Buy

  • They are not just another target segment, there are language and culture barriers that make this audience different


Zig is a Social/Mobile consultancy that drives brand engagement by creating Social Brand Experiences.  We programmatically reach in-market buyers, at the lowest cost, and move them to conversion.  You can see our work by clicking on the link ⇒ http://www.zigmarketing.com.

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