Latest Nielsen Report: TV Usage is Shifting to Mobile and Streaming

TV Still Dominates Total Adult Media Usage … Except for Millennials 

According to the latest Nielsen Comparable Metrics Report just released, TV still dominates time spent overall, but is in serious decline, along with some Radio and PC erosion.  The gap is being more than offset by increases in Smartphone, Tablet and OTT (Over the Top = Connected TV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.)


nielsen usage going mobile

Source: Nielsen Comparable Metrics Q2 2015


Millennials Spend More Time Using Digital Devices Than Watching TV

The digital shift has occurred with people 18-34 and most certainly holds true for Generation Z (ages 2-19).  Millennials spend 55% less time with TV than people 50+.   They are also the largest group of cable cord-cutters and while many in the TV industry have been downplaying it, ESPN lost over 7 million subscribers in the last 2 years and Disney stock went into the tank in August.  The shift to Mobile devices is happening at a rapid rate and it has vast implications for marketers.  While the networks claim TV viewership is not eroding, live viewing is down 40% as consumers time shift, watch on different devices and fast forward through TV commercials.


nielsen media weekly hours spent

Source: Nielsen Comparable Metrics Q2 2015


Marketers Claiming to be Data Driven Need Only to Look at CAGR for Time Spent

The implications are clear … traditional media is declining, led by a precipitous erosion for print.


 Source: eMarketer 2015


Leading to a Continued Acceleration of TV Inefficiency

Brands have been paying more for less for over 30 years due to a significant diffusion of TV ratings since the advent of Cable TV.  However, 2011 marks the first time TV ratings have actually declined overall.  Coupled with high Network CPM’s, sooner or later brands will have to think about shifting some TV to Mobile devices or suffer a loss of rating points for their budgets.



 Source: eMarketer 2015


Straight Up  ⇒  The shift to Mobile is in full swing … but many brands are unwilling to move significant budgets there

  • Many CMO’s are older and have little belief in Mobile as a viable medium, regardless of the data
  • Brands are not sold on Mobile ad banners as making any kind of viewer impact … even though there are many other ways to creatively use the smaller screens from Video to rich media to coupon downloads
  • OTT offers a significant means for recapturing TV viewing , especially against Millennials


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