How To Win in the Era of Mobile Marketing

We Don’t Go Online Anymore … We live Online

Mobile devices have changed our lives forever.  We live in the instant to connect, discover, find and buy.  We expect everything to be available immediately on our phones.  If not, we abandon paths and search for new ones that can supply instant gratification.  According to Forrester’s ‘Moments That Matter’, Mobile interactions have taken over our lives and occur all throughout the day .. our smartphones are now indispensable to how we live.

google have phone all the time

google 68%

goog check 150

Source: Forrester Google 2015


Mobile is the new Battleground for Brands

Many Mobile moments are personal and brands get swiped away … but there are other moments open to brand influence …

Moments of Decision are critical touch points always occurring



Many consumers are not brand committed



Brand presence matters 



Opportunity to steal share

1 in 3

Brands delivering the right message in the right Mobile moments … are 33% more likely to achieve marketing ROI
Source: Forrester Google 2015


What Are the Moments of Decision

  • Need to know moments
    • Consumers starting into their path-to-purchase seeking information, ideas, inspiration
  • Need to do moments
    • Users seeking help with how to do something … video content is key for many
  • Need to go moments
    • Shoppers looking for a local retailer … digital connecting brands in the physical world
  • Need to buy moments
    • Buyers ready to pull the trigger .. be there with the right content to seal the deal
Source: Forrester Google 2015


Mobile Moment Targeting Uncovers These Key KPI Moments

Whatever your KPI’s, incorporating moment targeting delivers 66% more ROI by:

  • Identifying consumers at their moment of need
  • Delivering instant gratification to help them learn / discover / buy
  • Measuring all moments and optimizing delivery to the lowest cost-per-acquisition


Straight Up  ⇒  The shift to Mobile is in full swing … brands that embrace Mobile moments will gain share

  • Brands spend a lot of time talking Mobile but actual spending is only ⅓ of time spent on the medium
  • Strategically, awareness is no longer enough … engagement at the moment of decision drives sales
  • New Mobile technology allows brands to uncover key KPI moments when consumers are open to influence


Zig is a nimble digital consultancy with deep expertise in Social/Mobile/Video marketing.  Our approach is different … we go beyond awareness to teach consumers why your products are better and get them to buy.

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