Measuring Advertising Effectiveness With Social Media Tools

Learn How to Measure the Impact of Your Advertising in Social Media Channels Insight  ⇒  Social Monitoring Data Can Reveal Campaign Performance Mathematically One of the most asked questions about advertising is  “How do I measure performance?”.  There are many methods including measuring sales linearly against various campaigns, using purchase intent research or incorporating regression […]

Marketing’s New Black … The Intersection of IUX and ZMOT

Learn Why Creating Interactive User Experiences (IUX) is the Future of Marketing Insight  ⇒ The What & Why of ZMOT In 2011, Google produced a landmark presentation called Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) by applying consumer research insight to P&G’s famous First and Second Moments of Truth doctrine.  This presentation highlighted a new decision-making moment […]

Why We Share

Understanding The Psychology of Sharing Will Increase Your Social Effectiveness Insight  ⇒  The 5 Motivations for Sharing New York Times research on why we share points out that humans have always shared, but the connectivity of the information age has enabled dialogue and interaction on a much grander scale.  They have highlighted 5 main reasons […]

B2B Brands Leaving Plenty of Digital Money on the Table – Part 1

See How to Cut B2B Digital CPM’s By Over 600% Insight  ⇒ B2B Brands Pay the Price for Not Buying Audience Directly Through Programmatic Buying As illustrated by the chart below, B2B brands are paying on average over a 6X premium by buying  sites directly from publishers vs. buying audience directly through big data networks and […]

Create Consumer Involvement … Not Brand Content

See How Interactivity Got 3 Million Downloads Brands are Struggling With Content A majority of the content being published is fairly general and mediocre at best Most brand created content is easily found in other places on the Web Content by itself is not the differentiator brands think it is Insight  ⇒  Interactivity Creates Engagement Consumers […]