Best Practices: Steps to Effective Content Marketing

Learn a Step-by-Step Process to Create Content That Gets Read and Shared Insight  ⇒  There Are Two Phases For Creating Effective Content Set-up Implementation Insight  ⇒  Set-up  ⇒  Proper Set-up is as Critical as Great Implementation Assess marketplace issues  ➟  What are the pain points in the marketplace that  the brand solves Determine key issues […]

Gaming Engages Everyone!

Rethink Mobile Gaming … It’s Not What You Think  Insight  ⇒ Mobile Gaming is No longer Male Dominated Most pundits, upon the introduction of Glu Mobile’s new Kim Kardashian Hollywood App, said it had failure written all over it.  Not that anyone doubted Kim’s star power … but gaming is a male dominated category, so it […]

Best Practice: Curing Bad Content

Take the Poll and Learn To Create Content That Actually Engages Users Poll  ⇒ Rate Your Content   Insight  ⇒ Social Platforms are Expanding … Placing a Premium on Creating Good Content As more conversation platforms become available, the demand for useful, engaging content grows geometrically.   Source: Content Marketing Institute – Click to Enlarge Insight  ⇒ Brands […]

Digital Disconnect

When It Comes to Shopping Consumers are Digital … But Brands Spend Traditionally Insight  ⇒  Digital Media Rules Shopping Tools New comScore data demonstrates the power of digital media on consumer purchase.  The overwhelming majority of shopping tools are digital and mobile coupons makes its first appearance on the list. Click to Enlarge   Insight […]

The App World in Flux

Understand The Fundamental Shift Going On Right Now … Before You Build Insight  ⇒  The App World is In the Unbundling Era … On Its Way to the Stealth Generation     Insight  ⇒ Gen 1 … The iPhone/App Store Eco-system Allowed users a wide variety of simple functionality Messaging, calculator, calendar, music etc.   […]

Mobile is Multicultural

Learn Why Mobile is the Best Medium to Engage Hispanics and African-Americans   Insight  ⇒  There’s Money in Multi-Cultural Audiences Insight  ⇒  Hispanics and African-Americans Live on Mobile Multi-culturals use the Mobile web as their primary access point far more than Caucasians   They also watch far more Video and TV online as well   […]

Best Practice: Mobile Social Integration

See Why Your Brand Must Integrate Mobile and Social Media Insight  ⇒  Mobile is Dominating the Web Click to Enlarge   Insight  ⇒  Social Engagement is All Mobile Click to Enlarge   Insight  ⇒  Apps Dominate Mobile  ⇒  Games & Facebook Dominate Apps Facebook and  Social games, like Farmville and Word with Friends, account for […]