What Big Brands Really Think About Big Data

Big Data is Critical to Marketing Effectiveness … But Challenges Remain

Recent research by Informatica/D&B/Ascend2 asked 234 marketing professionals how they use big data and what there biggest challenges are.

Key Objectives for a Data-Driven Strategy Revolve Around Personalization

The drive for personalizing the customer experience by individual market segments is paramount to marketers.  This allows them to craft more meaningful messages at the point of contact … resulting in higher engagement and ultimately greater ROI.  Measuring performance is always an important goal as well.

big data onjectives


Improving Data Quality and Integration Across All Customer Touchpoints are Big Challenges

Data quality is a huge issues as data is pulled from a wide array of sources.  In fact, only 16% of marketers say their data is very good.  While validating the data is difficult, it’s even harder to unify it across platforms for consistency at every point of customer contact.

 big data challenges


Measuring ROI is A Key Goal That Continues to be Problematic

While personalization and targeting are key goals, accurate measurement of marketing initiatives is a continual issue as brands work hard to rationalize the data to prove ROI to top management.

big date obj vs challenges


The More Fields Required, the Less Response … Which Ones are Most Critical?

Beyond email, name and title are the most desired contact information.

big data fields



Straight Up  ⇒  Brands Must Continue to Strive for Personalization and Find Ways to Improve Data Quality

  • Personalization drives meaningful engagement and conversion and should be a central tenet of brand marketing efforts
  • Brands that find ways to verify and enrich their data across platforms will be big winners in the marketing race 


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