B2B In Major Buyer Transition

B2B Decision Makers are Not Your Father’s Buyers

Much is changing in the B2B marketing space, but most of all it’s the buyers themselves and how they make vendor decisions.  Brands that understand this fundamental change will close far more business

Fact :  On average, buyers are 57% through their decision-making by the first sales contact

Impact:  It is critical to have a presence in digital marketing ahead of the direct sales call57% through sales process

Google/Millward Brown 2014


Fact :  Buyers are younger … almost half are now Millennials     

Impact:  Marketers must take a different approach to this buying segment 

younger b2b buyers

Google/Millward Brown 2014


Fact :  91% growth rate in buyers using smartphones in the path-to-purchase

Impact:  Digital marketing is a must to effectively reach them

b2b buyers increasingly digital

Google/Millward Brown 2014

Fact :  On average they make 12 searches before visiting a brand’s website

Impact:  Always-on marketing is imperative to gain top-of-mind awareness and consideration

many engagments b2b buyers

Google/Millward Brown 2014



Fact :  They seek genuine information that helps them, not sells them

Impact:  Content Marketing is the critical play to reach the new B2B buyer


IDC 2015


Straight Up  ⇒  Rethink your approach to B2B buyers

  • Brands must be visible and out in front of purchase decision
  • Digital marketing is critical to gain awareness and consideration in an intensely competitive marketplace
  • Always-on messaging is essential to break through the clutter
  • Genuine content that educates buyers is key to getting engagement, consideration and conversion


Zig is a nimble digital consultancy with deep expertise in Social/Mobile/Video marketing.  Our approach is different … we go beyond generating awareness to sell something.

You can see our work by clicking on the link ⇒ http://www.zigmarketing.com

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