Why So Are Many Brands Reluctant to Go Digital

Even in the Face of Compelling Evidence that Consumers are Digital … Brands Cling to What They Know

Digital media consumption (daily time spent) surpassed Television in 2013 and the gap has widened significantly since.  

 daily media consumption 2015

Mobile Time Spent Growing Rapidly

Mobile is the big reason for digital time spent growth.  Eventually Mobile will overtake TV as the largest individual media consumption platform.

mobile time spent up meeker 2015


Yet, Digital is Vastly Under spent … Led by Mobile

In 2014, Mobile had 24% share of time spent, estimated to be near 30% now.  Yet, only 8% of spend.  Why?

ad time to spend chart meeker 2015



The Three Reasons for Digital Reluctance

  • Clients don’t see their ads … digital ads are not visible compared to TV/Radio/Newspaper 
    • Top management is simply not exposed to digital advertising compared to TV.  They don’t see it, they don’t spend nearly enough on digital to make it effective and they don’t believe it works
  • Older clients did not grow up in the digital era  …  don’t trust that digital works
    • They do not understand how consumers, especially Millennials, consume media or shop for products.  The whole digital path-to-purchase is foreign to them and they’ll never fully leverage the paradigm shift caused by the rise of Mobile/Social/Video
  • Management is under tremendous pressure to produce results … they fall back on what they know 
    • TV has worked for ions, so even if they are hopelessly outspent in broadcast and it’s not driving revenue .. the thought of moving  to digital marketing conjures up a total sales collapse in their minds.


Straight Up  ⇒  I give up trying to convince clients to shift more to digital 

  • Recently met with a smart global marketing head for a major automotive brand … he had no explanation either for why his country marketing teams don’t spend more digitally
  • In time, as more Millennials rise to power, digital will get its due
  • Until then there is a huge untapped opportunity for low SOV brands to intercept consumers and move them to a sale 


Zig is a nimble digital consultancy with deep expertise in Social/Mobile/Video marketing.  Our approach is different … we go beyond generating awareness to teach consumers why your products are better and get them to buy.

You can see our work by clicking on the link ⇒ http://www.zigmarketing.com


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