The Future of Marketing … Just Say SMV

Social-Mobile-Video Will Continue to Grow in 2015 .. and Begin to Dominate Marketing

Insight  ⇒ The Future is About Delivering Digital Experiences Cost Effectively

I believe the future of marketing is driving brand engagement and conversion by delivering interactive user experiences, to in-market buyers, at the lowest cost.

Three big media trends impacting marketing going forward.

  • Mobile is eating the world … eventually everything will be mobile (see China today)
    • It’s the #2 medium in time spent to TV (which is dropping 1-2% viewership since 2011).
    • An opportunity exists for marketers willing to shift dollars into Mobile marketing, which gets over 3x’s time spent vs ad dollars spent.
  • Social is here to stay and brands need to learn to use it better
    • First click attribution shows the influence of word-of-mouth on engagement and conversion
    • The opportunity is leveraging the Blogosphere … more influential than Facebook … yet gets less than 1% of media budgets.
    • The other opportunity is creating Social Brand Experience (SBX) platforms, where consumers interact with brands by creating user-generated content that interests them.  Microsite, App or rich media Mobile implementations are all key to reaching in-markets on the go
    • Delivering personalized digital user experiences that create engagement is the next frontier
  • Video-as-TV is perhaps the largest untapped brand opportunity given the quality of programing, precision targeting and technology buying options available
    • Online Video viewership is up 62%, while TV was down 2% last year
    • Video technology platforms allow purchasing TRP’s by DMA emulating TV buying
    • Online Video has flexibility advantages vs. TV in targeting (demo, behavioral, contextual, conquesting), real time analytics and zip code buying.
    • Unlike TV, online Video allows for further user engagement by linking out to brand sites, SBX’s, etc.

Beyond SMV … big data, programmatic, real time campaign optimization, personalization and cross-platform integration will generate greater ROI, but also will require marketers to become technologists as well.

It’s not going to get any easier. Welcome to the world of digital and enjoy the journey because this is the most interesting and challenging period marketing professionals have ever seen.

Do This  ⇒ Brands need to start thinking digital-first from a strategic viewpoint

  • Many brands digital expenditures are too low to be effective, yet SMV represent the fastest growing viewing opportunity and a unique ability to engage and convert consumers in real time
  •  Brands that continue to build campaigns primarily for TV/Print and then out to digital, will be left behind in a digital world that is rapidly changing and requires experimentation to achieve ROI

Not That   Brands continue down the path of ineffective TV expenditures

  • Outspent brands that continue to rely 100% on TV are missing a huge SMV opportunity to conquest competitors and build engagement and conversion

Zig is a Social/Mobile/Video consultancy that drives brand engagement by creating interactive user experiences.  We programmatically reach in-market buyers, at the lowest cost, and move them to conversion.  You can see our work by clicking on the link ⇒

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