Proven Best Practices Drive Social Media Success

Learn How to Create Experiences Instead of Content

Insight  ⇒  Social Success is Driven by a Few Key Strategies

The success of Social Media  campaigns is driven by close adherence to key best practices that have proven to increase traffic, drive participation and achieve engagement rates 5-10X’s industry benchmarks.

  • Create interactive user experiences that  are easy-to-do, relevant to the brand persona and encourage sharing
    • In a world of trend-jacking and mindless posting, many brands have forgotten the basics of successful Social Media … creating conversations and experiences that help, not sell
  •  Utilize Social Blogger Outreach as the core of Social Media campaigns
    • The Blogosphere is more influential than Facebook, yet it is the most underutilized vehicle in Social Media …. leverage blogger influence and believability by generating relevant, interesting content to help them provide a valuable experience for their readership
  • Integrate Social with Mobile media to drive superior engagement rates with scale
    • Social is not a standalone media strategy.  When integrated seamlessly with Blogger Outreach the combination drives high engagement with scale


Insight  ⇒  The Key to successful Social Media is Creating Interactive User Experiences

UnitedHealthcare’s ‘We Dare You’, ( brand engagement campaign encourages consumers to get healthier by ‘daring’ them monthly to make one small change in their lives.  The campaign microsite drives double digit engagement rates with scale.

wdy site


Do This  ⇒  Build Interactive User Experiences To Help Them Navigate Their Consumer Journey

  • Design user experiences that allow your audience to participate with the brand
  • Keep content simple, interactive, fun and fresh
  • Stay within your brand and category authority

Not That  ⇒  Stop Doing Just Content

  • Stop trend-jacking, it contributes little to building a long-term consumer relationship
  • Cease mindless posting, no one reads it
  • Stop selling … no brochureware content


Zig is a Social/Mobile consultancy that drives brand engagement by creating interactive user experiences.  We programmatically reach in-market buyers, at the lowest cost, and move them to conversion.  You can see our work by clicking on the link ⇒

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