Best Practices: Steps to Effective Content Marketing

Learn a Step-by-Step Process to Create Content That Gets Read and Shared

Insight  ⇒  There Are Two Phases For Creating Effective Content

  • Set-up
  • Implementation

Insight  ⇒  Set-up  ⇒  Proper Set-up is as Critical as Great Implementation

  • Assess marketplace issues  ➟  What are the pain points in the marketplace that  the brand solves
    • Determine key issues
    • Determine key messaging points
  • Create Content Resource Inventory  ➟  Categorize by message strategy / industry / content type
    • By message strategy – Problem / solution approach
      • Issue framing
      • Benefit / risk realization
      • Solutions
    •  By industry –  What brand categories does that brand participate in?
      • Automotive / Consumer Electronics / DIY / Medical / Etc.
    • By content type
      • Research / Strategy / Insight / Solutions / Assessment / Case Study / News / FAQ / Alerts
  •  Assign hierarchy to Content Resource Inventory by sorting categories by importance 
    1. Message strategy
    2. Industry
    3. Content type
  • Create topic list
    •  Determine topics aligned with key messaging
    • Prioritize key issues and key messaging points
    • Create topics to be covered
    • Determine final topics list to be created for publication
  • Create editorial calendar
    • Determine publishing order and dates
  • Assign content creation by topic to appropriate person/team
  • Continually add resource materials to Content Resource Inventory


Insight  ⇒  Implementation  ⇒  Great Implementation is a Constant Grind to Ensure Quality                                                          

  • Begin discovery phase for content creation
    • Analyze resources by using the Content Resource Inventory to find appropriate material
    • Read available materials
    • Determine if there is sufficient data/information to create the content
    • If not, continue discovery by searching out more resources on the topic
  • Create content
    • Develop topic idea
    • Create topic POV
    • Check POV for alignment with key messaging
    • Write content piece
  • Review with team and revise, if necessary
  • Publish according to editorial calendar


Do This  ⇒  Use a Disciplined Rigorous Approach to Content Marketing

  • Process is the only way to stay on top of the constant demand for content
  • Plan carefully and build a strong content foundation to work from at the start

Not That  ⇒  Stop Producing Content Without a Process in Place

  • Don’t trend jack .. it does nothing to bond users to brands
  • Don’t let anyone write anything … it gets ignored


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