It’s Not the Technology You Use … It’s How You Use the Technology That Matters

Achieving Maximum Performance in SMV Marketing Requires Human Intervention at Every Step 

“Drowning in data … starving for wisdom”**.   No truer words ever spoken to sum up digital marketing and the advent of big data into the advertising world. Everywhere you look agencies are relying more and more on technology to drive decisions on ad spend.  However,  the move to Programmatic  (which eventually will swallow up all media including Network TV) has resulted in an over reliance on technology to the detriment of efficiency … the exact thing it’s supposed to maximize.  Your agency could be wasting up to 50-80% of your Social/Mobile/Video ad budgets.       **Arianna Huffington 2015

Why over rely on tech?  Because agencies see a profit opportunity in an era of clients moving business to the lowest bidder and taking work increasingly in-house or … “Don’t worry we use a DSP so your covered”
  • Agencies view programmatic as a way to make money by cutting staff and using the technology to implement
  • Technology can hide transactions allowing for new arbitrage opportunities in the era of non-transparent buying
  • Agencies have been understaffed for years as clients have cut fees for decades … sooner or later relying on technology is the only way to eek out any profit (sorry clients but your drive to treat advertising as a commodity via procurement departments has unintended consequences)
Five Best Practices for Maximum Performance
  • Always-On Buying ➟ The days of buying media are gone
    • Make the buy and the work is done is over
    • Optimization requires using an Asset Allocation Grid process to maximize expenditure within and across SMV platforms
  • Learn & Earn ➟ Initially … invest small & target wide
    • Given the ability to optimize in real time, smart marketers start with smaller investments and wider parameters … letting the data dictate high performance segments to invest in heavily
  • Eyes On Auditing ➟ Daily Human Intervention ensuring buy efficiency, brand appropriateness and brand safety
    • Watching the backend everyday instantly reveals the good ad tech partners from the bad …  vigilance equals efficiency and safety
  • Entrenched Relationships ➟ Know your ad tech vendors inside out
    • Who runs them, backs them, take-overs and inventory sources … knowledge is power in the ever-changing SMV landscape
  • Constant Search ➟ Never rest on your current technology
    • It changes everyday … at a faster and faster pace


Straight Up  ⇒  Brands need an agency focused on Human Intervention to avoid wasting up to 80% of their Social/Mobile/Video ad spend

  • SMV is messy … too hard, too much time to figure out for most agencies
  • Traditional agencies and buying services allocate resources to their highest revenue areas like TV, Print, Desktop Display … Not SMV


Zig is a Social/Mobile/Video specialist that maximizes marketing assets by driving performance at the lowest cost.  You can see our work by clicking on the link ⇒

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