Brands Not Single Sourcing SMV are Leaving Ad Dollars on the Table

ROMI Maximization ➟ Single Source Social/Mobile/Video Provider  

Given the proliferation and fragmentation of digital media opportunities, there are plenty of ways to spend ad dollars … and waste ad dollars.  As Social/Mobile/Video (SMV) become the dominant consumer platforms, how do brands maximize ROI?   Asset maximization can only be achieved through continual SMV optimization … requiring a single source provider.

Catalyst ➟  Social/Mobile/Video are Permanently Intertwined

smv intertwined


Asset Maximization ➟ Real Time SMV Resource Allocation Grid
  •  Problem ➟ Majority of brands missing leveragable opportunity
    • Using multiple agencies to place SMV leaves no possibility to reassign assets efficiently
  • Solution ➟  Asset Allocation Grid
    • Centralized hub for optimizing SMV buys within and across platforms continuously
 Resource Allocation Grid


  • Solution ➟  Asset Allocation Grid
    • Centralized hub for optimizing SMV buys within platforms continuously
mobile resource allocation grid


Straight Up  ⇒ Brands not using a single source SMV are wasting digital marketing dollars

  • Find a SMV specialist agency with a proven optimization process to maximize ROMI across and within platforms


Zig is a Social/Mobile/Video specialist that maximizes marketing assets by driving performance at the lowest cost.  You can see our work by clicking on the link ⇒

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