Why Brands Shun Marketing Automation … Even Though it Works

Learn Why Brands are Reluctant to Deploy the Power of Marketing Automation 

Insight  ⇒  What is Marketing Automation (MA)

Marketing Automation is a new-era lead generation tool that offers significant benefits beyond a typical CRM implementation.  It resulted from an integration of enterprise database and CRM software.

Simply put, it is software that automates the process of lead generation, nurturing through a sales funnel, and conversion. Because these activities are automated within one system, MA can provide an ROI on all marketing efforts plus real-time transparency to what works and what doesn’t in CRM.


MA process


Insight  ⇒  Why do Companies Deploy It

Brands face significant challenges with both measuring the effectiveness of marketing programs across channels and managing an ever exploding set of data points.  Marketing Automation is a solution to help manage these issues across the enterprise.

mareketers most sig challenges

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Insight  ⇒  What are the Benefits?

Marketing Automation provides a disciplined,organized system to for measuring lead generation effectiveness and harnessing the power of big data … all in one place.  It offers significant benefits for those brands who deploy the entire system from lead scoring to multi-media performance tracking.

MA benefits chart

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Insight  ⇒  So, Why Do Marketers Shun Marketing Automation?

Many brands do have a system in-house, but few tap into its full potential extensively.

MA use among companies


There are multiple reasons for not fully leveraging Marketing Automation systems … most companies have resource or technical constraints. It is critical to note that while the software automates certain processes, the name is a misnomer … there is a ton of work from content marketing to organizational process that must be implemented/optimized to sustain a profitable MA program.

ma issues 2

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Do This  ⇒  Consider utilizing a Marketing Automation system, but lay the groundwork and process for unlocking its full potential … before you pull the trigger

  • Prepare your sales and marketing teams for tighter collaboration as successful Marketing Automation requires constant sales and marketing communication and feedback
  • Define lead quality upfront and get agreement on quality vs. quantity expectations
  • Define lead scoring and setup the feedback process as Marketing Automation requires a high degree of constant optimization for both the scoring rules and marketing campaigns

Not That  ⇒ Do not commit to Marketing Automation because everyone else is … the resource commitment is steep

  • MA is getting a lot of buzz in the B2B space, but many companies buy it and use 1/10th of its power
  • Most companies are not prepared for the amount of work and collaboration required
  • MA systems end up being very expensive CRM tools with many not using the powerful lead scoring capabilities

Zig provides brands Precision Marketing, a data driven system that reaches in-market buyers and drives sales conversion at the lowest possible cost.  You can view our solutions and more Precision White Papers at http://www.zigmarketing.com.

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