Gaming Engages Everyone!

Rethink Mobile Gaming … It’s Not What You Think  Insight  ⇒ Mobile Gaming is No longer Male Dominated Most pundits, upon the introduction of Glu Mobile’s new Kim Kardashian Hollywood App, said it had failure written all over it.  Not that anyone doubted Kim’s star power … but gaming is a male dominated category, so it […]

Best Practice: Curing Bad Content

Take the Poll and Learn To Create Content That Actually Engages Users Poll  ⇒ Rate Your Content   Insight  ⇒ Social Platforms are Expanding … Placing a Premium on Creating Good Content As more conversation platforms become available, the demand for useful, engaging content grows geometrically.   Source: Content Marketing Institute – Click to Enlarge Insight  ⇒ Brands […]

The App World in Flux

Understand The Fundamental Shift Going On Right Now … Before You Build Insight  ⇒  The App World is In the Unbundling Era … On Its Way to the Stealth Generation     Insight  ⇒ Gen 1 … The iPhone/App Store Eco-system Allowed users a wide variety of simple functionality Messaging, calculator, calendar, music etc.   […]

Marketing’s New Black … The Intersection of IUX and ZMOT

Learn Why Creating Interactive User Experiences (IUX) is the Future of Marketing Insight  ⇒ The What & Why of ZMOT In 2011, Google produced a landmark presentation called Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) by applying consumer research insight to P&G’s famous First and Second Moments of Truth doctrine.  This presentation highlighted a new decision-making moment […]

Create Consumer Involvement … Not Brand Content

See How Interactivity Got 3 Million Downloads Brands are Struggling With Content A majority of the content being published is fairly general and mediocre at best Most brand created content is easily found in other places on the Web Content by itself is not the differentiator brands think it is Insight  ⇒  Interactivity Creates Engagement Consumers […]

Less Brand Loyalty Means Reinvent Your Marketing

The One Digital Strategy To Dramatically Improve Your Brand Engagement Insight  ⇒ Consumer Loyalty is Eroding Deloitte’s 2013 American Pantry Study outlines a clear trend of continuing erosion of brand loyalty among American consumers. Insight  ⇒  Great User Experiences Create Sharing, Advocacy and Loyalty A 2013 Jack Morton study reveals that great user experiences fuel viral brand […]