Brand’s are Wasting a Ton of Money with Last Click Attribution

The Right Attribution is Critical to Achieving the Lowest CPA

Unbelievably, a majority of brands are still using single click attribution, a highly inaccurate methodology leading to poor decisions on digital media spend.  Single click is not logical and there’s plenty of data proving it doesn’t provide a true-view of cause-and-effect

So why is it still used by over 90% of brands?

  • It’s linear (even though the path-to-purchase is not) allowing a direct 1-for-1 measurement that can easily be communicated upstairs to management
  • It’s easy to track and optimize
  • It’s been the standard fare in IT departments (who control brand sites) for years
  • More sophisticated tracking is complex, hard to implement and requires additional manpower and spend


Single Click Attribution ➟ Simple + Measurable … Inaccurate

Not logical that one click (whether last, first or last non-direct) would account for 100% of the conversion


single click att models


 Find the Influencer ➟ Not the Conduit
  • Search is like a subway taking people to their desired venue … but many times it’s not the influencer
  • Overtime the Zoo’s CMO realizes that the subway is driving people to his attraction causing him to allocate more and more money into subway ads (Search in this case) … totally missing the influencer by concentrating his dollars against the conduit
 single click subway


Multi-View Attribution is a More Accurate and Superior Basis for Asset Allocation

  • Offers insight into true influence by pinpointing  where and when the purchase decision was made
  • Better attribution, not yet perfect … a burgeoning technology with some emerging players
Linear attribution ➟ Simple + More Representable

Assumption that all touchpoints have equal influence is not accurate either

linear att


Positional attribution ➟ Combine Methods … Better

A mix of single click and linear attribution models

positional att


Timed Positional Attribution ➟ Time Sensitive … More Accurate

Adding the dimension of time provides a view that allows more accurate inference into where the decision was impacted … in this path-to-purchase touchpoints 5-8 represent the greatest conversion influence

timed pos att

Straight Up  ⇒ Test Multi-View Attribution ASAP or continue to waste your digital marketing budget

  • Determining media asset allocation on last click has devastating effects on the efficiency of marketing spend
  • Brands must delve into the world of Attribution Technology to find providers who build better models of true influence allowing for more effective media decisions.

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