Digital Disconnect

When It Comes to Shopping Consumers are Digital … But Brands Spend Traditionally

Insight  ⇒  Digital Media Rules Shopping Tools

New comScore data demonstrates the power of digital media on consumer purchase.  The overwhelming majority of shopping tools are digital and mobile coupons makes its first appearance on the list.

comscore shooping tools

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Insight  ⇒  Why Digital … Because Finding The Lowest Price is Easier Online

price is easy

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Insight  ⇒  Digital Impacts In-store Sales Greatly

influnce of digital in store


Insight  ⇒  Yet Digital Spending Lags and Print Is Vastly Overvalued by Brands

 digital time spent vs dollars spent

Source:Mary Meeker KPCB – Click to Enlarge


Do This  ⇒ Think Digital … Then Think More Digital 

  • Digital reaches shoppers at the ‘moment of truth’ when they actively making the brand decision
  • Digital impacts in-store sales greatly … and that influence is rising dramatically every year
  • Mobile is the BIG opportunity

Not That  ⇒  Stop Spending All This Money in Print

  • 19% of brand spend against 5% of the time spent … Why?


Zig is a Social/Mobile/Video consultancy that drives brand engagement by creating interactive user experiences.  We programmatically reach in-market buyers at the lowest cost and move them to conversion.  You can see our work by clicking on the link ⇒

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