Best Practice: Mobile Social Integration

See Why Your Brand Must Integrate Mobile and Social Media

Insight  ⇒  Mobile is Dominating the Web

mobile dominates

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Insight  ⇒  Social Engagement is All Mobile

social is all mobile

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Insight  ⇒  Apps Dominate Mobile  ⇒  Games & Facebook Dominate Apps

Facebook and  Social games, like Farmville and Word with Friends, account for almost 50% of time spent on Mobile devices.

gaming fb dominate apps

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Insight  ⇒  Mobile and Social Intertwined  ⇒  Because Smartphones are Inherently Social Devices

  • Smartphone address book is a ready-made social graph that all apps have access to
  • Photo library is accessible to all apps as well … the camera is key ingredient to social content
  • Millennials, the highest users of mobile, are also the highest users of social
  • Hispanics and Blacks use their smartphones for everything … for many it replaces the desktop
  • Push notifications remove the need to constantly check sites


Do This  ⇒  Design Integrated Mobile Social Campaigns For Maximum Effectiveness

  • Create integrated campaigns that leverage the connection  for greater engagement and scale
  • Increase sharing by designing Mobile user interfaces for all campaigns

Not That  ⇒  Stop Implementing Mobile and Social as Campaign Afterthoughts

  • Many brands  append Mobile and Social onto their TV campaigns, thereby eliminating much of the value inherent in their integration


Zig is a Social/Mobile/Video consultancy that drives brand engagement by creating interactive user experiences.  We programmatically reach in-market buyers at the lowest cost and move them to conversion.  You can see our work by clicking on the link ⇒

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