Attract, Engage, Automate … The Precision Marketing Conversion System

Learn How to Achieve True Sales Conversion With Precision Marketing

Insight  ⇒  Attract Active Buyers Through Precision Targeting

Precision Targeting is a strategy that buys audience directly through big data networks and exchanges.  It leverages multiple data sets to pinpoint active buyers seeking information, as they move down their path-to-purchase.  It allows brands to reach in-markets with a higher purchase propensity … at far lower costs than buying sites directly.

buying direct

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Insight  ⇒  Attract Active Buyers by Leveraging the Blogosphere

Precision Targeting is available for marketers who know how to tap into the Blogosphere to leverage the influence it has on purchase decisions. By creating ongoing relationships with targeted bloggers, brands can achieve believability and viral word-of-mouth to build true sales conversion.

blogger eco system

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Insight  ⇒  Engagement … Not Awareness Drives Sales

Given the overwhelming amount of information available 24/7 on the Internet, consumers are clearly on overload.   So how do brands breakthrough the clutter to influence purchase decisions … by creating Interactive User Experiences that assist users through their path-to-purchase.

  • Interactive User Experience Drives Conversion
    • Brands must create experiences that entertain and educate consumers to bond them to the brand
    • Consumers are never looking to be sold … they are seeking fun, information, conversations, etc … an interactive experience
    • User Experience is an extension of the brand’s total customer experience and is critical to purchase and recommendation

 As illustrated by Krylon’s ‘Projects In a Can’ microsite experience, spray painters engaged by the millions to get free project cards.

piac with results

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Insight  ⇒  Marketing Automation Creates Efficient Repurchase

Marketing Automation is the new generation of lead generation … it delivers sales-ready leads through a combination of Precision Targeting,  Content Marketing, Dynamic CRM and Lead Scoring  … moving customers to repurchase at far lower costs.

ma diagram

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Do This  ⇒  Deploy a Precision Marketing System to Maximize Sales Conversion 

  • Attract via Precision Targeting to reach in-markets at far lower costs
  • Engage  by creating Interactive User Experiences to assist consumers through their path-to-purchase
  • Gain efficient repurchase through Marketing Automation

Not That  ⇒  Stop Relying on Awareness Alone to Build Sales Conversion

  • Given consumer information overload, traditional methods of gaining awareness like TV are no longer sufficient to get all the conversion brands need


Zig creates measurable results through Precision Marketing, a data-driven system that integrates Social, Mobile, Video, Search and Web advertising … to Attract, Engage and Automate marketing for a number of brands.   To see our work please click on the link ⇒

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