One Powerful Insight for Driving Online Engagement

Learn What Type of Content Engages Online Users

Insight  ⇒  Analyzing Mobile User Activity Highlights What People Really Do When They Engage

There is no shortage of  opinions concerning what people engage in online.  Problem is it’s driven mostly from personal usage, rarely from actual user data.  We build engagement microsites and have a good data set on what works to actively move users to action.  Not surprisingly, what people engage in on websites is remarkably similar to what they do on Mobile devices (Mobile now represents 60% of all digital usage).  A good representation of Mobile engagement is represented well by the behavioral activity chart from Experian.


Insight  ⇒  People Like to Be Social and Interact in a Number of Ways

Engagement is all about interaction … what people like to do on smartphones is what they like to do on the web as well

  • Socialize – Comment, share, converse, participate
    • Photos and videos are a huge part of socializing
    • Email, text, talk are the major modes
  • Play games – Other than talk, games are the highest activity in time spent
  • Search for information – Whether through apps or the web,  browsing is a huge part of the experience

Do This  ⇒  Analyze How People Interact with Your Brand Online and Incorporate These Behaviors to Increase Engagement

  • Any digital campaign from Social to Mobile must be tailored strategically and creatively to what the brand’s users/intenders  will engage in
  • Strive for real engagement by delivering an interactive user experience that is helpful  and relevant in the path-to-purchase

Not That  ⇒  Stop Incorporating Irrelevant Activities Into Digital Campaigns

  • Too many times brands hop on the ‘borrowed interest’ bandwagon that is irrelevant, but builds meaningless  impressions and views .. these do not move buyers through the purchase cycle in any way


Zig has considerable expertise in Creative Engagement.   We achieve measurable results by creating meaningful, interactive user experiences for brands that build consideration, intent and sales conversion.   To see our work please click on the link ⇒

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