Search Still Huge … Google Still Dominant

A Quick Update on Search Engine Rankings

Insight  ⇒  Search Engines Drive Billions of Queries Each Month

According to comScore 2014 data, there were over 18.5 billion searches for the month of May.

may 2014 search volume

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Insight  ⇒  Google Still Dominant

According to comScore 2014 data, Google’s share remains steady at around 68%.

comscore may 2014 search share


Do This  ⇒  Continuing Emphasizing Google in Your Digital Media Mix

  • While engagement rates may not be as high as Social, the sheer volume of traffic is essential to successful campaigns

Not That  ⇒  Stop Paying Lip Service to Search Engine Marketing

  • Because Search has been around for a while, the implementation sometimes goes on autopilot, hurting relevant traffic gains to sites


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