Print is Still Viable .. It’s Just Called a Tablet

Digital Magazine Ads Get Noticed as Much as Traditional Magazine Ads

Insight  ⇒  As Time Spent Moves To Mobile … Advertisers Can Still Get the Benefits of Magazine Ads

Mobile platforms, smartphones and tablets, have surpassed print for share-of-time spent and the gap continues to increase.

time spent with media

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Insight  ⇒  Tablet Magazine Ads have the Same Impacts as Traditional Ones

As reported by a recent GfK Starch survey, the average level of reader recall for both print and digital magazine ads last year was 52%.  The highest digital magazine scores topped out with 80% recall scores.  The best digital magazine recall categories were Home & Building, Department Stores and Candy & Mint ads.   Readers also claimed that the interactive features helped them learn more about products/services and ads in digital magazines are a valuable source of information for them.

stargch tablet recall data


Do This  ⇒  Consider Shifting Print Dollars into Digital Magazines

  • Take advantage of magazine advertising’s positive attributes … just do it on a tablet

Not That  ⇒  Stop Allocating All Your Magazine Budget to Traditional Magazines

  • Print has been declining for years and it’s an expensive buy …and getting more inefficient every year


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