Mobile Marches On

It’s Becoming an App World at the Expense of Desktop

Insight  ⇒  Apps Alone Now Account for 51% of Time Spent on Digital

As reported by comScore in their latest June 2014 report … Apps continue to rule the world, as does Mobile in general.   Smartphones and tablets now account for 60% of  all digital time spent, up from 50% a year ago.

mobile over desktop comscore

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Insight  ⇒  Digital Radio and Photos are Virtually All Mobile Generated Content vs. Desktop

Radio, led by the Pandora’s, Spotify’s and RDIO’s of the world, generate 96% of their consumer engagement via Mobile.  Photo’s, think Instagram and Flickr derive 96% of their engagement from Mobile platforms also. Not surprisingly Mobile dominates Maps, Games and Chat content categories as well.

mobile content categories comscore

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Do This  ⇒  If You Want Engagement, Mobile Needs to be a Vital Part of your Media Mix

  • Digital is now Mobile … Get your marketing there ASAP
  • Move more  money into Mobile where the eyeballs and influence resides …  and will continue to grow

Not That  ⇒  Stop Waiting for the Right Time to Go Mobile … It’s Already Passed

  • Brands and agencies hesitate to go Mobile because they don’t understand it … the longer you wait the more you fall behind
  • Stop letting your traditional agency buy digital media … they don’t get it and are not equipped to take advantage of Mobile


Zig has considerable expertise in Precision Targeted Media.  We create measurable results through Precision Marketing, a data-driven system that integrates Social, Mobile, Video and Web advertising.   To review our work please click on the link ⇒

2 thoughts on “Mobile Marches On

    • Pete great question … 63% terrestrial vs. 37% digital as predominant radio source … Nielsen Dec 2103. But as you would suspect the growth is in digital and just as Mobile has over taken Desktop for the web … this will happen in radio in the next few year … primary reason in car music apps will be in most cars … spells serious trouble for Sirius … Thanks


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