Five Tenants for Successful Blogger Outreach

Learn How To Effectively Use the Most Powerful Tool in Social Media Marketing

Insight  ⇒  The Blogosphere is Incredibly Influential .. Greater Than Even Facebook

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Insight  ⇒  Most Brands Fail at Unlocking Genuine Blogger Influence … Here’s How

Five keys to approaching and leveraging the Blogosphere

  1. Research potential bloggers that will fit the campaign’s goal
    • Topics, location, reach, and engagement/comments/sharing
    • Content matches with brand persona and current campaign
  2. Reach out to bloggers with a personalized 1-on-1 email message
    • Reference their blog and recent posts
    • Communicate current brand/campaign key messaging
  3. Tie in benefits of campaign with audience
  4. Negotiate how to work together to spread the campaign and increase reach and influence for the blogger
  5. Present a mutual value exchange for the blogger … Whats in it for them
    • The message is relevant and helpful to their readership
    • Bloggers will be able to engage their audience with a new and exciting campaign idea through the use of mini-promotions or promo code contests
    • They  may receive compensation for their efforts


Do This  ⇒  Utilize the Blogosphere for Maximum Social ROI

  • Experiment with outreach to relevant bloggers using a strong value exchange
  • Establish relationships to those who are influential and willing to collaborate with the brand

Not That  ⇒  The Blogosphere is Not PR 

  • Contrary to popular belief, this is not PR.  Bloggers do not see themselves as editors, but as influencers.
  • Stop sending them a torrent of press releases every month … it doesn’t work and it’s considered disrespectful


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