Your Print Buy is Costing You Dearly

See How Brands are Wasting Money in Print … and Totally Missing the Mobile Opportunity

Insight  ⇒  Mobile Has the Eyeballs but Little Ad Spending, While Print is Horribly Overspent

With budgets always tight today, there is no excuse for the misalignment of media spending to time-spent-with-media.  As the chart below illustrates print has become a grossly inefficient buy that brands refuse to let go of.  Conversely, there is a huge opportunity to build efficient reach and dominate the competition in Mobile … but traditional agencies and brands are reticent to make the jump and it’s costing them dearly.

time spent graph

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Do This  ⇒  Align Your Media Mix to Where People Spend Time With Media

  • With Radio, Desktop Internet and TV in reasonable alignment, brand media mix dictates a shifting of dollars from Print to Mobile
  • Move more  money into digital where the eyeballs and influence resides …  and will continue to grow
  • Mobile is eating the world … start using it or get left behind

Not That  ⇒  Stop Buying Print Because Your Brand Always Has

  • Print has been declining for years and it’s an expensive buy …and getting more inefficient every year
  • Stop letting your traditional agency buy digital media … they don’t get it and are not equipped to take advantage of Mobile


Zig has considerable expertise in Precision Targeted Media.  We create measurable results through Precision Marketing, a data-driven system that integrates Social, Mobile, Video and Web advertising.   To see our work please click on the link ⇒

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