Blogger Outreach ⇒ A Great Social Media Tool for Driving Sales

Learn How To Leverage Bloggers to Drive Traffic and Sales 

Insight ⇒ Consumers Seek Blogger Advice When Actively Buying

consumer look to bloggers



Insight  ⇒  Blogs Have More Purchase Influence than Facebook

blog influence

Source: Technorati 2012


Do This  ⇒  Implement a Cogent Blogger Strategy and a Disciplined Process for Success

  • Determine what value exchange (WIFM for bloggers) a brand needs to attract bloggers
    • Unique and consumer relevant information currency or brand/product news
    • Simple and exciting promotions
    • Product sampling or giveaways
    • Blogger payment to show respect for their time … usually in the $100-$250 range
  • Discover and evaluate bloggers
    • Content ➠ Is the subject matter consistent, relevant and genuine? This is important to achieve influence and to attract in-market prospects
    • Interactivity ➠ How robust is the commenting section? How many comments? How many conversations? This is a critical indicator of viralness.
    • Audience Size ➠ How large is the blog’s reach? This is important to get scale and impact in the blogosphere.
    • Connectivity ➠ How many social sites, blog networks and directories is the blog listed in? This is an indicator or viralness and reach potential.
  • Select and approach bloggers one-on-one
    • Contact bloggers with highest impact based on evaluation
    • Present bloggers a value exchange from the brand
  • Constantly measure and optimize efforts
    • Monitor blogger conversion, posting, and sharing
    • Optimize outreach tactics and value exchange for maximum viralness
    • Continually build and deepen relationships with blogger

Not That  ⇒  The Blogosphere is Not PR 

  • Contrary to popular belief, this is not PR.  Bloggers do not see themselves as editors, but as influencers.
  • Stop sending them a torrent of press releases every month … it doesn’t work and it’s considered disrespectful


Case Study ⇒ Hoover Sells $220,000 in Vacuums in Two Weeks by Leveraging The Blogosphere

hoover blogger case study



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