Brands are Missing a Huge Opportunity in Mobile

Learn Why Brands Can Dominate Mobile Right Now

Insight  ⇒ Mobile has High Time Spent Per Day

  • In 2014, Mobile will be the #1 vehicle in time spent online and second to only TV

mobile time spent

Insight  ⇒ Untapped Competitive Opportunity to Dominate in Mobile Now

  •  Despite time spent, Mobile spending lags far behind its value
  • U.S. advertisers spend just $.07 per hour spent, per adult  vs. $.83 on print

 ad spending per hour spent with media

Do This  ⇒  Jump Into Mobile Right Now Ahead of Your Competition

  • Design your brand’s digital media plan with Mobile as the core medium vs. web
  • Be creative!  Mobile has tons of uniques applications plus GPS targeting, behavioral targeting and 1st party data layering  to reach in-market users when they are actively shopping
  • Use both App and Web implementations
  • Experiment with CPC, CPA, CPM to see what works best

Not That  ⇒  Quit Treating Mobile Media as an Afterthought

  • Stop treating Mobile as a low reach opportunity, low impact opportunity
  • Stop tacking Mobile on to the end of digital buys
  • Stop buying it like another Web basic CPM buy

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