The Huge Opportunity Brands are Missing in Social Media

Learn Why the Blogosphere is the Best Social Media Tool for Influencing Buyers

Insight  ⇒  Brands Spend a Disproportionate Amount of Time and Money on Social Networking Sites

Most brands focus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. for their Social Media efforts.  After all, that’s where the scale and the influence are … right?  Not quite, while Facebook is large, the majority of social networking sites barely reach 1/5 of all online users. Brands spend a highly disproportionate amount of their time and money on Social sites while missing a huge opportunity to capitalize on the influence and size of the Blogosphere. A closer look at the data reveals why underutilization of the Blogosphere is #1 mistake brands are making in Social Media.

Only Facebook Offers Reach Among Social Sites

social reach

Source: Technorati 2012


With Over 170 Million Blogs … the Blogosphere Offers Vast Reach

blogger reach

Source: Technorati 2012


The Blogosphere Has More Purchase Influence than Facebook

blog influence

Source: Technorati 2012


Yet, Brands Spend Less Than 1% of Their Digital Budgets in the Blogosphere .. A Huge Opportunity Missed

blog spend

Source: Technorati 2012


Do This  ⇒  Concentrate Some Budget and Effort into the Blogosphere

  • Cultivating long term blogger relationships with the right bloggers can influence purchase and sell product
  • Determine a value exchange to attract and convert bloggers … it can be a special promotion, giveaway or unique/relevant product news that will attract their interest and give them a reason to partner with your brand
  • Small bloggers have more influence on their audiences than large ones.  While they may not have as much scale, they tend to focus intensely on a specific area and attract an extremely loyal following.

Not That  ⇒  The Blogosphere is Not PR 

  • Contrary to popular belief, this is not PR.  Bloggers do not see themselves as editors, but as influencers.
  • Stop sending them a torrent of press releases every month


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