Marketing’s New Black … The Intersection of IUX and ZMOT

Learn Why Creating Interactive User Experiences (IUX) is the Future of Marketing

Insight  ⇒ The What & Why of ZMOT

In 2011, Google produced a landmark presentation called Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) by applying consumer research insight to P&G’s famous First and Second Moments of Truth doctrine.  This presentation highlighted a new decision-making moment that has changed the marketing landscape forever.  It is more relevant today than back in 2011, given the growth of Social and Mobile Media usage.  Brands must understand the implications of ZMOT to gain competitive advantage and thrive in the future.

Let’s explain ZMOT clearly:

  • in 2005, legendary P&G CEO A.G. Lafley outlined the two critical buying moments for brands, nicely modeled below by Google
  • “The best brands consistently win two moments of truth. The first moment occurs at the store shelf, when a consumer decides whether to buy one brand or another. The second occurs at home, when she uses the brand — and is delighted, or isn’t.”
  • Google charted the three-step mental model of marketing  by adding the stimulus of advertising to the front end

trad 3 step buying model


  • in 2011, based on extensive research, Google added another critical buying moment to the P&G model … ZMOT the Zero Moment of Truth


zmot 4 step model

  • ZMOT represents the new pre-buying stage of product investigation that consumers go through before they arrive at the FMOT (shelf) in stores.
  • ZMOT is driven by consumers who now have easy access to vast amounts of research, recommendations and reviews on the Internet
  • So Google, who’s prime business is search, naturally landed on ‘search is everything’ … but it’s not

What brands do at the intersection of IUX and ZMOT is critical to getting sales … or marketing is rendered useless

Insight  ⇒ The What & Why of IUX

Let’s explain IUX clearly:

  • IUX is Interactive User Experience.
    • Brands must create experiences that entertain and educate consumers to bond them to the brand
    • Consumers are never looking to be sold … they are seeking fun, information, conversations, etc … an interactive experience
    • IUX is an extension of the brand’s total customer experience and is critical to purchase and recommendation
  • IUX can happen on a brand’s home site … but often does not
    • Brand sites are best at being product information repositories and selling tools … not engagement platforms
    • IUX happens best on a microsite (even a branded one) that allows consumers to create and share user-generated content

Do This  ⇒  Create IUX after users hit the search box

  • Brands need to build a relationship at ZMOT … to have greater success at FMOT (shelf) in stores
  • Brands need to think about developing ongoing IUX using engagement microsites and CRM tools
  • Relationships help brands convert more ZMOT’s into successful FMOT’s at retail

Not That  ⇒  Only do search linking to the brand site

  • Stop insisting that IUX must happen only on the brand site
  • Go beyond search for ZMOT … by not incorporating digital media brands miss many in-market intenders and sales
  • Stop one-way marketing communications

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