B2B Brands Leaving Plenty of Digital Money on the Table – Part 1

See How to Cut B2B Digital CPM’s By Over 600%

Insight  ⇒ B2B Brands Pay the Price for Not Buying Audience Directly Through Programmatic Buying

  • As illustrated by the chart below, B2B brands are paying on average over a 6X premium by buying  sites directly from publishers vs. buying audience directly through big data networks and exchanges
  • With an average $8 CPM (we have paid in the $4-5 range) vs. publisher direct at $55 CPM’s

b2b cpms

  • The majority of B2B publishers, in virtually every category, sell off unused inventory to networks and exchanges … meaning brands can buy the same properties for a lot less
  • Buying audience directly vs. sites directly can stretch advertising budgets up to 6 times plus provide dramatic improvement in audience targeting
    • Many programmatic networks and exchanges offer data that targets active, in-market buyers
    • Additionally, these buys can be optimized throughout the campaign to improve performance vs. the typical yearly direct publisher buy

Insight  ⇒ Zig B2B Research Shows Digital to be the Dominant Means for B2B Audiences Searching for Product Information

  • Digital media is trending  upward and is now dominant in several areas
    • Purchase influence
    • Frequency of usage
    • Critical as a source when searching for product/service information
  • While trade print usage has stabilized, it is now clearly a secondary resource in terms of influence and frequency of use
    • Search is the #1 media used on a daily basis
    • Websites are the #1 media used on a weekly basis
    • Print is used on a several times a month basis
  • Blogs, forums/message board and social networking sites, while used less, have the most influence on purchase decisions
    • Websites and social media are trending up in terms of importance and usage
    • Trade show attendance is trending down

In Part 2 of ‘Leaving Money on the Table’ we’ll examine why this is happening and what you can do about it strategically using a measured, real world approach.

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