Create Experiences … Not Content

See How Interactivity Gets Your Content Read and Shared

Content Marketing is Critical … But Brands are Struggling With Several Issues

  • A majority of the content being published is fairly general and mediocre at best … the rush to produce content by every brand has flooded the market with ‘a lot of stuff not worth reading’
  • Most brand created content is easily found in other places on the Web
  • Engaging content is hard to create and expensive to produce on an ongoing basis … the majority of brands have not been able to fund it properly
  • Content by itself is not the differentiator brands think it is

Insight  ⇒  Interactivity Creates User Experiences in Content Marketing

  • Consumers want information that helps, entertains, educates and allows participation
  • Content marketing is not publishing, it is an interactive activity that lets users create experiences
  • Brands need to rethink their role as publishers and seek opportunities for real user engagement
  • The Perceptual Map below illustrates (the green dots represent the type of content being published in most consumer brand categories) that there is a wealth of overlapping static information, with few interactive experiences being delivered.
  • This represents a tremendous opportunity for brands to differentiate through interactive content delivery to move their brand to the top of the map.


Do This  ⇒  Build User Experiences That Bond Consumers to Your Brand

  • Design user experiences that allow your audience to participate with the brand
  • Guide consumers with content that helps them in their daily lives and assists them in navigating smoothly through their path-to-purchase
  • Keep content simple, interactive, fun and fresh
  • Stay within your brand and category authority

Not That  ⇒  Stop Doing Just Content

  • Stop publishing content for the sake of doing it as a marketing task
  • Do not borrow interest that is irrelevant to your brand  (like a paint brand using music to pick colors)
  • Stop selling … no brochureware content

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