Create Consumer Involvement … Not Brand Content

See How Interactivity Got 3 Million Downloads

Brands are Struggling With Content

  • A majority of the content being published is fairly general and mediocre at best
  • Most brand created content is easily found in other places on the Web
  • Content by itself is not the differentiator brands think it is

Insight  ⇒  Interactivity Creates Engagement

  • Consumers want information that helps them to interact and create with brands
  • Brands need to rethink their role as sellers and become facilitators

Do This  ⇒  Build User Experiences That Bond Consumers to Your Brand

  • Design user experiences that allow your audience to participate with the brand
  • Get creative and help your customers accomplish more of what they want to do
  • Keep content simple, interactive, fun and fresh

Not That  ⇒  Stop Doing Boring Content

  • Stop publishing content for the sake of doing it
  • Stop selling

Brand Case Study  ⇒  See How Krylon Got 3 Million Downloads

Krylon Differentiates By Providing Users Spray Paint Project Ideas

  • Challenge:  How do you engage crafters to buy more Krylon spray paint?
  • Solution: Build an emotional connection between crafters and the brand by allowing them to interact with the world’s largest spray paint project download site …
  • Results: Over 3 million project downloads in 3 years driving millions of customers into retailers to buy Krylon and associated products

Projects In A Can Microsite

krylon site

Projects In A Can Project Download Cards

krylon project cards 

Projects In A Can Video Integration

krylon video


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