Less Brand Loyalty Means Reinvent Your Marketing

The One Digital Strategy To Dramatically Improve Your Brand Engagement

Insight  ⇒ Consumer Loyalty is Eroding

Deloitte’s 2013 American Pantry Study outlines a clear trend of continuing erosion of brand loyalty among American consumers.


Insight  ⇒  Great User Experiences Create Sharing, Advocacy and Loyalty

A 2013 Jack Morton study reveals that great user experiences fuel viral brand recommendations

  • 53% of consumers will only advocate for a brand if they have had a great user experience
  • 74% of them advocate for a brand by describing their user experience to others

Do This ⇒ Create User Experiences To Regain Eroding Brand Loyalty 

  • Create simple, interesting, interactive experiences that allow users to be part of the story
  • Think in terns of a ‘user experience strategy’ not a ‘brand selling strategy’
  • Loyalty is built through relevant, participatory brand experiences

Not That Stop Delivering Monologues That Consumers Ignore

  • Stop one way information campaigns
  • Stop selling
  • Stop publishing brochureware

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